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Written by Robin Adolphs · Illustrated by Nicky Johnston

It is with great pleasure that Butternut Books, in conjunction with the National Rural Women’s Coalition, announce the release of Brave Danny, a picture book for children aged 4-8 years.

Family violence is not an easy subject to speak about with young children but children are often the silent victims of domestic violence. Brave Danny sensitively and engagingly brings this issue out from behind closed doors. It tells the story of a young child being empowered, through a growing awareness of right and wrong, to make a difference.

Detailed notes, activities and worksheets have been developed to guide and support the underlying messages inherent in the story to help educators, parents and supporters when sharing the book with children.

The story …

Danny is frightened of his dad. Every night he goes to bed and pretends to be asleep. He listens to his dad mistreating his mum. Danny thinks his life is normal until he goes on a sleepover at his best friend Alex’s house. Alex’s dad is kind and fun to be with, and Danny feels happy.

Danny wishes his dad could be more like Alex’s dad. But what can he do?

Brave Danny is about a small boy who makes a difference by being brave enough to speak up.

Brave Danny will be launched by the National Rural Women’s Coalition at the Grand Mercure Hotel, Swanston Street, Melbourne on 24th November 2016.